Innovation Game: A Summer School Applying Serious Game Design in Health Care and Education

Uppsala University, The Research Training Committee, Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy

In the perspective of current and future challenges for health and health care, this two-week course will discuss innovative processes as a tool to improve health care services and enhance self-management of health. The course will introduce methods and terminology of innovation and entrepreneurship and how innovative thinking can be applied to understand a problem, generate an idea, outline a goal and find a creative solution of value for the end-user.

The prerequisites (e.g. understanding group dynamics, leadership and decision making) to run projects and work in multidisciplinary teams will be based on self-reflection and identification of competences and skills. Workshops using agile project models will be practised on demand-based challenges provided by e.g. the health care sector. The course will integrate the basics of game design with practical application of games and simulations as tools to address the assigned challenges. Game design will also be used as a pedagogic tool to enhance the four pillars of learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Psychological knowledge of behavior and attitude changes will also be discussed. In addition, the course will include basic concepts of Lean Startup. At the end of the course the groups will present and defend their ideas and/or solutions to invited innovators, petitioners and clients.

The course is given at Uppsala University, in Uppsala during two weeks. The course also includes one weeks of preoperational studies before the schedualed teaching. 29 July - 16 August 2024 (on campus 05 - 16 August)


Course dates
29 July 2024 - 16 August 2024
Course organizer
Erik Olsson
Blåsenhus, von Kraemers allé 1, the experimental classroom